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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Get Your Home Clean for the Holidays

Pima Cleanpro is offering a December discount for those wanting to get their house ready for holiday guests. Mention Natural Awakenings to receive 15 percent off any cleaning now through December 15. Pima Cleanpro uses an eco-friendly citrus-based cleaning product that is safe for the environment, kids and pets.
When it comes to carpet cleaning, most people think of steam cleaning, which involves pumping a lot of soap and water into carpets, then attempting to extract them back out. Steam cleaning leaves gallons of soap and water in carpets that takes days to dry and leaves residue in the carpets, causing them to recoil very quickly after they are cleaned, while adding a host for mold and mildew to set in.
The Cleanpro system uses a unique ion exchange technology. The dirt goes from the carpet up into Pima Cleanpro’s cleaning pads, leaving carpets damp—not wet—and only taking about one or two hours to dry.
Pima Cleanpro also offers an important tip for spills—especially those that may occur while hosting family and friends for holiday gatherings. Do not use any products to clean the mess, as some cleaning products have a pH level that is not neutral and can actually set the stain in. Instead, immediately or as soon as possible, use a warm washcloth and blot the stain out, without scrubbing.

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