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Practitioner Praise: Jean Read

Feb 01, 2020 10:06AM
I thoroughly enjoy reading Natural Awakenings for the articles and for the Community Resource Guide. My most recent favorite articles were written by Jean Read, as her articles were about current research topics and they provided valuable, useable information in a concise manner, like the article on sleep and the brain.
Jean is an amazing “multiple therapist”, not only a Physical Therapist, but also a multi-certified, educated and knowledgeable alternative therapist in multiple modalities, including functional nutrition, visceral manipulation, reiki, Watsu, craniosacral and more.
I was searching for someone to do visceral manipulation trained at the Barral Institute to help release adhesions from a previous abdominal surgery which was causing me to have small bowel blockages. Small bowel blockages are a serious health threat. After any type of abdominal surgery in men, women and children (appendix, hernia, hysterectomies, gallbladder, C-sections, etc), 95 percent will develop adhesions and many will end up with small bowel blockages as a result.
I see Jean for visceral manipulation once a month now, to help break up the adhesions in my abdomen, and allow her to use whatever other modalities she thinks my body needs at each session, since she is very “body intuitive”. So far, so good! With her help, I feel like there is hope to prevent more problems. Her suggestions for diet changes and healthy supplements have also helped. Jean is a lovely person, both inside and out, and I highly recommend her for any of her therapies.

Thanks for a great magazine.

Natural Awakenings Reader: DL

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