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Natural Awakenings Tucson

February 2020 Letter From Publisher

Feb 01, 2020 11:18AM ● By Holly Baker

Holly Baker

Love may be in the air this month, but at Natural Awakenings, our editorial team has been focused on matters of the heart—the one that keeps us alive and well. In “Sacred Vessels: The Lifeblood of Heart Health,” writer Julie Peterson examines the crucial role of the vascular system and how simple, natural lifestyle choices can prevent or remediate damage that can result in a heart attack, stroke, vision loss and cognitive decline.
Likewise, in our Plant Medicine section, we discuss the notion that while we give our hearts to others for Valentine’s Day, shouldn’t we be ensuring that heart is healthy first?
While lifestyle changes have the power to restore heart health, the field of regenerative medicine is making great strides in rejuvenating joints, ligaments, tendons and tissues by stimulating the body’s natural healing process using a patient’s own platelets, growth factors, adipose, stem cells and other methods. Learn more in “Healing Joints from Within” on page 28, as well as in a Health Brief from Tucson’s own Dr. Brian Cabin, on page 12.
And, to top it all off, how about some heart art? Lisa Agababian, of Fuchsia Designs, creates beautiful, colorful pieces of hearts of all kinds. See some of her creations—and perhaps find the perfect gift for a loved one—on page 30.

With love,