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Local Realtor Specializes in Green Living Spaces

Randy Maier

As a National Association of Realtors GREEN designee, Randy Maier, Realtor hopes to find homes for individuals in the Tucson area with green home features, or with the foundation in place to incorporate these features. Maier would like the opportunity to spread the word about how to find and buy a house with the environment in mind, by looking for in-home systems to harvest water and solar energy, build using sustainable materials and find space for gardening.
Buying a home is a personal process that should be facilitated by a local business with similar goals to one’s own. Maier recently partnered with the locally owned and operated Arizona Eagle Realty to broaden his knowledge and gain experience in the current housing market of Tucson. With the market for green living features expanding, getting involved now is a great way to be at the forefront of a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of living.
Born and raised in Tucson, Maier considers Tucson to be his home. Through his experiences as a Realtor, he hopes to help others find their forever homes here as well. “Finding and buying a house is a huge commitment, and it is important to make sure that your home is a place of joy that can help promote green living to allow others to live comfortable and healthy lives in the future,” enthuses Maier.
“With increasing numbers of people embracing the plant-based way of life and its advantages, it is important to form a community of like-minded individuals that all have the goal of living our best lives and leaving the world a better place,” says Maier. “Having and supporting local businesses that aim to be part of this community is crucial to making Tucson a positive and supportive place to live.”
Although the idea of plant-based living doesn’t literally correspond with where we live, it is important to remember that this lifestyle is focused on respect—respect for the body, the earth and the people around us. Maier aims to respect not only the needs and desires of future clients, but maintain a level of respect for the environment by promoting green-living practices and modifications.

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