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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Energetic, Emotional and Physical Well-Being for People and Animals

Judy Ferrif

Reiki Master Teacher Judy Ferrig utilizes her training in reiki and many other energy modalities to enhance her results with clients. She employs her skills to clear chakras and auras and utilizes such techniques as past life regression, visioning and accessing guides to enable clients to develop intuition, and to replace counterproductive beliefs that block abundance and well-being.
Ferrig also uses her expertise in energy and communication to work with animal wellness and behavior. With her help, clients will understand their animals and learn to communicate what we want—rather than what we don’t want. Ferrig also works effectively at a distance. She clears home and workspaces to optimize environments. Her reiki work is recognized at the School of Integrative Medicine at the U of A.
Many physical conditions and behaviors have energetic origins. Clearing non-beneficial energy makes a significant difference in the quality of our lives on all levels, adding to our emotional, mental and physical well-being. Clearing our chakras, aura and belief systems allows us to feel better and operate on a higher level, and the elimination of negative energy reduces the likelihood of disease.
As a bonus, those who sign up for Reiki Level I with Ferrig on March 28 will receive an answer to a question they would like her to ask their pet.

For more information, call 520-245-4214, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 19.