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Web of Life Animists: Offer Trainings for Spirit Work and More

Feeling called during this time of rapid change? Beginning in May, these six- and 12-month trainings, held in Tucson and online, have been created by Web of Life Animists to enhance and explore our intuitive abilities, with the ultimate intention of conducting healing work in our community.
Quynn Red Mountain created these non-dogmatic trainings to empower Earth honoring people who are ready to be of service to Earth and her peoples (human and others) in authentic and legitimate ways. We approach this work from an animist viewpoint and see social justice, decolonization and personal/ancestral healing as integral parts of helpful and authentic Spirituality.
Donation amounts for each offering are listed as a sliding scale to ensure greater access for participants across the financial spectrum. Red Mountain’s policy is that for those who apply and feel called to this work, the stated amount of exchange will not be the only deterrent for a qualified person to not participate.

Online Animist Minister Ordainment Training
As a minister, have the accreditation and legal authority to conduct Animist religious worship in the form of wedding and rites of passage ceremonies, individual pastoral counsel sessions, land and space blessings and more. Practice radical self-love and learn effective methods of social advocacy, which have the power to transform the world around us.
The training is designed to inspire all to find their own unique path of ministry in alignment with the practices of the Web of Life Animist Church. These practices include: honoring our similarities and differences with all living creatures, listening to our ancestors as well as the Spirits of the Web of Life, being a keeper of sacred traditions and healing ways in community ancestral lineages (and finding/creating ways when ancestral ways have been lost), supporting and advocating for members of congregation, and tending the healing of personal and cultural traumas to have the capacity to hold space for others.
This training will take place the first and third Sunday of each month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. MST, beginning in May. Receive an application at

Online Spirit Bridge Healing Practitioner Training
Become a personal and ancestral healing practitioner through working closely with internal guides. We will practice and learn specific skills such as rhythmic trance, divination, clearing, grounding, blessing, releasing and shadow work.
Participants will leave the program with a personal practice that is unique to them and their ancestries so that they can share the messages and energy they’ve learned to receive with others. They’ll also feel empowered to share their gifts openly while protecting themselves.
In a practical sense, learn how to create a niche for these services and how to spread the word about offerings, as well as ethics and good practices for an Animist healing practitionership.
This training will take place the first and third Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. MST. Find out all details at

DNA Warriors – Ancestral Healing Online Training
This six-month personal development series takes participants through biweekly personal rites of passage, honored by journeying, journaling and ceremony, to clearly feel where our ancestral traumas are buried, and gain tools for unearthing and healing them over time.
On the second Sunday of the month, beginning May 10, from 5 to 7 p.m. MST, the group meets online/in Tucson to explore the subjects of the month and journey together to Red Mountain’s drum. This meeting is recorded for those who cannot attend live.
On the fourth Sunday of these months, receive a link to a 45-minute audio session. During each session, Red Mountain shares an introduction to the current subject, and then two drum journeys to connect with guidance from, and connection with, one’s inner world. It is important to journal experiences, to help remember. Participants can discuss the explorations in the live monthly meetings.
To see all information, including the list of evocative subject areas for inner journey work, visit

For more information, visit See ad, page 23.