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Growing Old?

In a society where elders are too often belittled, denigrated and dismissed, it is no wonder people are afraid to grow old. Youth is marketed and glorified. Yet for those of us over 50, who would really want to be 20 again, if we couldn’t take our experience and wisdom with us?
Unfortunately a huge percentage of the elderly in the U.S. are sick and broken. Not because of their time on the planet, but because of their choices around food, rest, work, exercise, living their purpose and lack of spinal care.
Most Americans get their teeth and eyes checked regularly, but never get their brain and nervous system checked by a chiropractor. A small percentage of Americans have gone to chiropractors when they really hurt, but that’s like going to the dentist just in time for the root canal and never getting teeth cleaned.
Our nervous system continually needs to be refreshed and rebooted, a lot like a phone. If we do not take care of our spine, we will lose strength, flexibility and efficiency. This vastly accelerates the aging process.
The beauty of growing old is all the wisdom and experience we attain. But if our body is broken and we have low energy, it is hard to express and share all our profound knowing and gifts. Research on chiropractic shows that people are three times more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices when they take care of their spine.

Dr. Joanne Haupert at Inspired Healing is forming a saging circle of people over the age of 50, coming together to explore what it means to be an elder, what it’s like to live in a culture where the elderly are not usually respected, how to access and express our wisdom more fully and more. Connect at 520-584-0343.
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