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Time for a Spring Health Tune-up

Nathan Conlee

Dr. Nathan Conlee, Executive Director of Winterhaven Health Center, is offering a special deal on a Spring Tune-up, which includes a nutrition consultation, chiropractic, orthopedic and neurologic exam for $137 (normally $230). This offer lasts from March 23 through April 15.
As seasons change, we change. In the spring we become more active and demand more from our bodies.
By getting a tune-up, we avoid a health crisis event or survive such an event faster and with less suffering. Also by examining our neurologic and biomechanical function, reviewing exercise and diet regimen, Conlee can prescribe a protocol to help the body reach maximum function, allowing us to get the most out of life.
Rather than trying to educate ourselves and simply guessing and adjusting our diet on our own, Conlee’s metabolic nutrition program is based on a detailed analysis of patient lab work, a thorough questionnaire and even food allergy and sensitivity testing. “We use the full power of current medicine and science to help our patients make the best decision for their specific metabolism possible, whether that means metabolic clearing, diet change or addressing any nutritional imbalances,” says Conlee.
The programs prescribed at Winterhaven Health Center are custom tailored to each individual. They re-evaluate each patient’s needs on an ongoing basis to ensure the program’s perfect fit, and even the frequency of the re-evaluation is individualized for each patient’s needs.

Location: 3020 N. Country Club Rd., Tucson. For more information, call 520-322-6161, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 16.
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