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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Pay-What-You-Wish Chakra Balancing, Soul Clearing Trainings Online

The Pampered Skin Studio office is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Suzanne Pear, RN, PhD, LE, Certified Quantum Energy Practitioner, will not be able to offer in-person aesthetic services until this ban is lifted, but there are remote services available that may be more suitable for these challenging times, including free meditation and forgiveness practice trainings, as well as pay-what-you-wish chakra balancing and soul clearing sessions. Sessions are available via phone or video call. Handouts will be sent via text, email or snail mail.

“In this time of global sheltering in place, social isolation and economic upheaval, we may all be having difficulty controlling our anxiety about the future as well as spending too much time dwelling on the past. The Healing Breath Meditation Practice works for everyone and it’s simple. Spend one minute or 20 getting grounded and centered,” says Pear. “Performing Forgiveness Practice is the best gift we can give ourselves as we release our attachments to negative memories and relationships, so we can be awake to the opportunities of this time.” These two trainings are free.
Chakras are the seven primary Energy Wheels that distribute our life-force energy or chi, qi or prana to our organs and glands. When these circular vortexes become disturbed through emotional or physical trauma, they may become unbalanced and/or blocked, causing “dis-ease” or the beginning of illness. Keeping our chakras balanced allows all of the body’s energies to be used for optimal immune function and healing. “Free yourself of vows, agreements and implants that no longer serve you. Let your spirit feel light and free once again,” says Pear.
Chakra Balancing and Soul Clearing Sessions are regularly $149, but during the pandemic are offered as “pay-what-you-wish”.

For more information, call 520-400-8109, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 4.