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New Online Wellness Center for Autoimmune Health Opening Soon

Nourished Whole Body Wellness (NWBW), a new online wellness center focusing on autoimmune health for women, is launching with a new program, Women’s AutoImmune Wellness, Naturally in August 2020. The dynamic group program will engage motivated women who want to feel their best and thrive in life. The course will guide and empower women, so that they can go from aches, pains and sleepless nights to clear minded, extra energy and pain freedom. NWBW is online at
NWBW is a positive, safe and inclusive autoimmune wellness program for like-minded women who are working to make their lives better so they can finally bring their dreams to life, for a better world. NWBW offers individual functional and culinary wellness programs and, later this summer, group programs focusing on holistic, functional and culinary nutrition, mindset and bodywork and other autoimmune health resources.
The dynamic Women’s AutoImmune Wellness, Naturally program, founded by functional and culinary nutritionist Dawn Urquhart in 2020, will provide an online, guided group program for women with autoimmune health challenges. Within an online learning space, women will have educational and practical resources for holistic health using functional and culinary nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and community support so that they can feel their best, using a natural approach to health.
“As someone with an autoimmune challenge myself, I knew that learning from home reduced stress and yet having community support made lifestyle changes so much easier. I created this welcoming and safe program so that you can learn at your own pace, have step-by-step guidance from me and a group learning environment where we help and support each other to achieve better health,” says Urquhart.
The program was originally developed based on Urquhart’s own wellness journey and refined working with other women in one-on-one practice. “After years of seeking resolution to my symptoms, with much trial and error, I honed in on all the pieces of my health puzzle and feel better than I have in many years. With my desire to find answers, I went back to school for functional nutrition and holistic health. Now, my mission is to help other women find their optimal health solution, so they feel empowered by knowledge to maintain good health into their thriving futures,” says Urquhart.
Ideal participants are women who have an autoimmune challenge (or think they might) and feel they have tried everything without any changes in their symptoms and are ready to make a commitment to their nutritional and lifestyle changes in order to feel their best. Schedule a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for the group at

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