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Jai Uttal Releases First Ever All-Instrumental Ambient Guitar Album

Grammy nominee Jai Uttal recently released his 21st, and first all-instrumental, album, Gauri’s Lullaby, on all platforms on May 8. Following his highly acclaimed double album, Roots, Rock, Rama! Uttal’s latest release comes as a direct response to the current global crisis. The album is a sonic medicine to calm hearts, relax minds and bodies, and help find ease during this intense period of “time-out”. Consisting of four long acoustic guitar meditations and inspired by Uttal’s many years of study with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, the work creates a healing energy for homes, families and hearts.

It’s time to take a deep breath, exhale and remember our divine connection, as well as the human bond we all share. With everyone being urged, with what seems to be good reason, to keep at a physical distance, this has been challenging on so many levels. During times like these, it becomes very easy to contract and withdraw. However, now, more than ever, this is the time to stay close.

The four songs on Gauri’s Lullaby: Music for Healing and Other Joys were created over a period of about seven years as birthday presents for Uttal’s beloved wife, Nubia Teixeira, a noted yogi and author, to use in her home yoga practice as well as in her many classes. There was never an intention to turn them into a public album release.

About three weeks ago, Teixeira said, “It’s time to share Gauri’s Lullaby. The world needs these healing sounds.” Uttal was, at first, surprised, and a bit resistant, feeling that this is so different from all of his other album releases. The four songs are instrumental guitar meditations and his music is generally upbeat Kirtans, the traditional call-and-response singing style that originated in India, but has since taken over the yoga scene worldwide. However, he decided to release it, saying, “This is a time to share love and stay close in our hearts, while we stay ‘sheltered’ in our homes.”

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