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Local Businesses Offer Helpful Virtual Services

While we’re all still doing our best to avoid the unnecessary spread of COVID-19 by socially distancing as much as possible, many of our local businesses are making this difficult time easier by offering programs, workshops and other services virtually. Their efforts are much appreciated, and ensure that we continue to connect with our healthy living community in a safe and responsible way.

These are just a few of the current online-only options available at the moment. We encourage all to check with your favorite local businesses to see what they’re doing to stay connected with Tucson
during COVID.

Relationships and Communication

Bill White, MA, Relationship and Communication Specialist at Healthy Couples, is offering his relationship and communication work by phone or video calls. White has been offering long-distance work to people in many parts of the world for many years, so this approach is not new for him. Both in-person and long-distance sessions work very well for clients.
White’s own path of growth and healing informs his work with others, and also provides a sense of “I’ve been there, too, so I relate to what you’re dealing with.” As always, a free, no-obligation-to-continue consultation is offered. (520-319-9132, [email protected],

Meditation and Learning from Loss Kadampa Meditation

Center Arizona’s June workshop, “Learning from Loss” with Buddhist monk and Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center Texas, Gen Kelsang Menla, will be held online on June 27, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Researchers have found that meditation improves memory, enhances brain response time and improves emotional regulation. Meditation transforms our mind from negative to positive, from painful to peaceful.
“For centuries, Buddhist masters have explained that the true cause of happiness is a peaceful mind. How do we transform our mind from a distracted or unhappy state into one that is peaceful, positive and focused?” says Michele Thorsen, Administrative Director at Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona. “Meditating for 10 to 15 minutes a day can strengthen our mind and transform our painful emotions.”
\Inspired by the teachings of Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, fully-accomplished meditation master and internationally-renowned teacher of
Buddhism, Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona offers meditation classes for everyone, regardless of level or experience. Currently, all of their classes are online. Check website for registration information. (520-441-1617, [email protected],

Nutritional Deficiency Energy Scan

Heidi Often, owner of Vitality Energy Wellness, is currently offering a free nutritional deficiency energy scan for new clients to help them understand the kind of information we can gather in the energy field of our bodies. Often says this is ideal for those who are interested in maintaining good health. She can usually shed some light on the situation for those who have fallen through the cracks and can’t get answers to their health challenges.
“The information they will receive goes well beyond blood tests or imaging studies,” says Often. “This is bio-resonance scanning of the body’s energy field. We can see weakness and dis-resonance in the energy field that may correlate to symptoms. The body is energy and energy scanning can pick up on these imbalances. It is a very effective way of looking at the body and helping it heal.” (520-310-7115, [email protected],

Painting Workshops

Aviva Gold, founder and facilitator at Painting From The Source (PFTS), is offering two online painting workshops, June 13 and 18. At this time of social distancing, people can enjoy the healing and transformation of painting with a group while in the safety of their own home.
“You can have a transformational experience painting in the safety of your home wherever you live by joining a Zoom Painting From The Source workshop,” says Gold. One-day workshops and ongoing Tuesday three-hour sessions are available. This the first time that Gold has offered workshops on Zoom conferencing and first time PFTS is offered for one-day or three-hour sessions, as typical workshops are always in person and a full week of five days. (520-447-7570, [email protected],

Inner Peace Yoga Therapy

Selina Harris, Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist-in-Training at Sentient Yoga, is also a dental hygienist who works individually with dental professionals to reduce strain in the body and to reduce stress overall. Private lessons are currently available online via Zoom. Studio appointments should be available soon in her newly decorated, exceptionally clean, private studio located in the heart of Tucson.
Through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, Harris has learned to address specific issues like anxiety and depression. Whether working through physical movement or breath work, she helps guide the body and mind back to restoration.
As we all adjust to a new way of going back to work, Harris intimately understands the needs of dentists and dental hygienists. As a dental hygienist, she addresses the additional stress on physical bodies and minds. Learn techniques to increase peace, serenity and improved overall well-being. (520-406-2029, [email protected],
Coming in February

Deadline January 10th. Email [email protected] today for details.

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