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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Spirituality Includes Social and Racial Justice

The Web of Life Animist Online Church is committed to the Earth, and all of her sacred people. Those with open minds and hearts to be self-reflective are invited to Web of Life Church’s weekly circle throughout the summer, Dispelling Colonized Mind: Animist Anti-Racist Healing Circle, held on Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. PST. Hosted by Quynn Red Mountain, the circles are offered by donation, which will be presented to the NAACP.

“As Animists (Earth honoring people), we know that the sacred is in all, and we are all connected in an equal way to the sacred Web of Life,” says Red Mountain. “We also know that the systems and structures of the dominant culture are rooted in, and sustained by, racist policies that have looted land, labor and lives of countless black, indigenous and all people of color around this beautiful Earth. Our Web of Life ministers and practitioners are proud to offer online circles and trainings for those who are ready to do the deep healing needed to reconnect our sacred circles of life.”
Web of Life’s event calendar includes opportunities to remember our Animist heart, dispel our colonized mind and heal our personal/ancestral soul wounds. Their circles help all practice the art of intuition to enhance our spiritual health in Earth honoring community.
The online church offers: Be the Change visioning journey circles; Animist fellowship gatherings; Nature Deva, mediumship and psychic enhancement circles; Animist Anti-Racist, storyhealing and soul healing circles; Spirit World exploration journeys; and BIPOC and LGBTQ spaces and soul tending personal sessions. All are available through Zoom during the pandemic.

For more information and to register, email [email protected] or visit



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