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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Online Self-Realization Fellowship Meetings Due

Due to COVID-19, Self-Realization Fellowship is offering meditations throughout each day, as well as weekly lectures, meditation and scriptural study of the Bhagavad Gita and Second Coming of Christ, online at In addition, for the first time, the Annual Worldwide Convocation—a week-long series of lectures, films, meditations and kirtans attended by devotees from around the world—will be held online at
According to Paramahansa Yogananda, known as “The Father of Yoga in the West”, “Meditating together increases the degree of self-realization of each member of the group by the law of invisible vibratory exchange of group magnetism.”
The Tucson Meditation Group (TMG) is made up of members and friends of Self-Realization Fellowship, a worldwide nonprofit religious organization with International Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. TMG was founded in 1975 and normally holds meditations, Sunday Services, commemorative meditations (with 3-, 6- and 8-hour meditations throughout the year), an annual retreat and a “Lessons Study Group”.
TMG welcomes all to attend the online meditation services and join in deepening meditations and spiritual practice.

Location: 1702 E. Prince, #140, Tucson. For more information, call 520-792-6544 or visit

Self-Realization Fellowship Tucson Meditation Group - Tucson AZ

Self-Realization Fellowship, Tucson Meditation Group - Tucson, AZ

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