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Explore the Past with Book Written from Hypnosis Experience

In the book Legacy: Book One, Discovery, a portal has opened, revealing life on earth 25,000 years ago. The authors Rick Chavez and Kryste Andrews stepped through this portal during a hypnosis session. It wasn’t planned. Chavez and Andrews are regular people, not gurus, scientists or aliens posing as humans. They simply landed in what we call the Alps and met their ancient ancestors.
Adventures beyond the imagination were observed over two years of subsequent remote viewing/traveling in time. In the book, details about primitive life are shared in story form—in-depth information not accessible to archaeologists or through DNA testing.
Discovery is more than an intimate portrayal of a prehistoric family; it proves that humans have existed in harmony with each other, respected all life forms and honored the Spirit world. It demonstrates active, simple access to time and space beyond the material world.
“The time is now for us to blow open our boundaries of time and place. Answers are waiting to be embraced,” says Andrews. “Focus on the unseen. So much more is happening than what we see, hear and touch in everyday life.”

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