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Medically Documented Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is the most medically studied and documented method of integrative healing. Among many benefits seen in reiki work and shown in clinical trials are lowered heart-rate, blood pressure, improved heart rate variability, improved immune indicators and decreased levels of stress hormones.
Commonly reported benefits by individuals include subjective improvement in stress, anxiety and pain, improved mood and functioning, improved well-being, increased vitality, enhanced quality of life and heightened intuition.
Surgical pre- and post-operative studies show reduced anticipatory anxiety for patients undergoing invasive procedures, accelerated surgical recovery and reduced side effects from radiation, chemotherapy and medications.

Judy Ferrig, M.S. is a Reiki Master Teacher at Open Pathways Energy Healing and Animal Communication. Connect at 520-245-4214, [email protected] or

Judy Ferrif

Open Pathways-Energy and Animal Communication - Marana, AZ

ENERGY WORK: Energy levels are rising. Increase your well-being on all levels by clearing non-beneficial energies and beliefs, raising your frequency to match the accelerating universe.... Read More » 

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