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New Book Tells Story of a 2G

The book Memoir of a 2G: Story of Secrecy and Resilience, by new author Patricia C Bischof, is now available. World War II created much havoc for many people both in Europe and in the U.S. From Concentration Camp Dachau to Cuba and the U.S., Memoir of a 2G tells the story of what Bischof’s parents went through during these times and how these events affected her upbringing.
A “2G” is a designated moniker given to a person whose parents were in the Holocaust. Her challenging life events brought about both sorrow and joy. This story will give examples of how she was vulnerable and in some instances how she did not have the nerve to speak up in fear of the obvious and not so obvious consequences and reprisals.
The book is available for purchase on for $15.95. Bischof is available for booking presentations, interviews and/or book signings.

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