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Free Workshops Share Teachings of Ascended Masters

The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix is a community teaching center.  They are expanding their free workshops to improve lives and to share how to balance karma more quickly. The main purpose of the center is to share the teachings of the Ascended Masters, delivered by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messengers for the Aquarian age. These teachings have been delivered through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Some of the topics offered are: Your Seven Energy Centers, Karma and Reincarnation, Twin Flames, Spiritual Astrology - The Cosmic Clock, Understanding Your Divine Self and Saint Germain’s Studies on Alchemy.
Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix offers workshops and socials, gathering to collaborate, study and use their voices in the Science of the Spoken Word. Currently, they are offering a free book study on Creative Abundance, where participants can learn how to remove the blocks to receive abundance in their own life. See the calendar listing for details.
In 2021, they will be launching a dynamic study called The Sacred Adventure, which can lead participants step by step to understand how to walk their own personal path to Christhood and Buddhahood.
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