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‘Overcoming Craving’ Talk Livestreamed via Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona

Kelsang Dornying

Kelsang Dornying

Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona will welcome special guest teacher Kelsang Dornying to present the talk “Overcoming Craving”, livestreamed from 2 to 4:30 p.m., on November 15. Attendees will learn how to overcome uncontrolled desires and let go of constant craving through simple but powerful meditation techniques, and find lasting inner peace and happiness.
We are constantly craving—a new phone, a new partner, a nicer house, a better job—or just some peace and quiet. Buddha explained this is because we lack inner peace and happiness, so we are constantly seeking something, or someone, to fill the gap in our hearts. This uncontrolled desire causes us so much unhappiness, that it is the root of all our suffering.
Whether we struggle with food, drugs, social media, relationships or any form of addictive behavior, this workshop will consist of talks and guided meditations designed to help participants gain insight into the pervasive and painful mental habits of craving, attachment and addiction in order to gradually transform them into the path of spiritual development.
Dornying is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia. He is an inspiring and light-hearted teacher of modern Buddhism who makes Buddha’s teachings clear, accessible and applicable to modern life.

Cost: $25. For more information, visit



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