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Online Meditations with Self-Realization Fellowship’s Tucson Meditation Group

Steve Jobs read Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi about becoming self-realized and attributed his intuition and success as the founder of Apple to Self-Realization Fellowship’s teachings. Everyone at his memorial received a copy of the book with the message “get realized”. Many successful people in business and many scientists, including Albert Einstein, treasure Autobiography of a Yogi. The timeless scientific methods of yoga meditation taught by Yogananda enable one to rediscover, by direct personal experience, the universal consciousness of God that dwells within.
During COVID-19, the Tucson Meditation Group has online meditations and services at Now, for the first time, the SRF Annual Worldwide Convocation is available online at for free. The Convocation is a series of lectures, films, meditations, pilgrimages and kirtans that devotees from around the world can attend by registering online. The Convocation is normally held for nine days in August in Los Angeles and ending in Encinitas with thousands attending from over 150 countries. This year, over a million have attended, meditating together. The Tucson Meditation Group normally holds meditations and services throughout the week and two annual retreats. Founded in 1975, 2020 marks their 45th anniversary in Tucson.

For more information, call 520-792-6544 or visit or

Self-Realization Fellowship Tucson Meditation Group - 1702 E Prince 130 Tucson AZ

Self-Realization Fellowship, Tucson Meditation Group - 1702 E Prince 140, Tucson, AZ

Self-Realization Fellowship, Tucson Meditation Group – Silent Meditation 9-9:45am followed by a Reading Service 10-11am. The Tucson Meditation Group comes together to help support o... Read More » 

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