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WELLthier Living: Online Healing Resources at

Dec 30, 2020 05:48PM ● By Patti Trenchak
Imagine a one-stop, online site for healing, health and well-being information, resources and screened providers in a caring, supportive environment. KnoWEwell has launched a personalized, private and secure online community and marketplace to transform health care. KnoWEwell’s mission is to proactively prevent harm, address chronic diseases and inspire and empower individuals to achieve WELLthier Living.
Driven by a series of healthcare challenges in her family that began more than a decade ago, founder and CEO Kimberly B. Whittle embarked on a journey to search for solutions. She immersed herself in research, attended conferences and joined several nonprofit provider organizations along the way. Using a multitude of Regenerative Whole Health (RWH) approaches—including natural, integrative and functional medicine, as well as lifestyle wellness practices—and collaborating with caring practitioners, Whittle created a personalized, integrated wellness approach to prevent and heal chronic conditions.
Motivated to share this transformative knowledge, she started KnoWEwell to help people easily connect with global healing approaches, therapies, providers and organizations that together can cultivate and regenerate humanity, other living species and our planet.
Whittle’s personal healing journey wasn’t easy, but she is determined to make the path easier for others. She also wants to acknowledge and thank the many health and well-being providers and professional organizations that assisted, guided and educated her in this process. Whittle designed KnoWEwell to serve as a role model for using business as a force for good, not just profits. In recognition of her innovative approach and leadership, Whittle was honored as one of Industry Era magazine’s 10 Best CEOs of 2020.
Research is proving the effectiveness of ancient healing therapies and confirming that our lifestyle can modify the way our DNA is expressed, pushing us toward or away from chronic diseases. Studies also reveal that there is about a 17-year lag between new scientific discoveries and their adoption into medical practice and patient care.
KnoWEwell is bridging that knowledge gap by creating a centralized online destination with the latest evidence-based research and connecting the dots between soil, food, lifestyle choices, people’s health and the health of the planet. KnoWEwell received the Top 50 Healthcare Companies award in 2019 from the International Forum for Advancements in Healthcare for its contributions to health care, industry impact and spirit of innovation.
The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened the focus on chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity and respiratory diseases because they increase the risk of serious and deadly consequences of the virus. As an online platform, KnoWEwell provides a new community outlet for like-minded individuals to share their experiences, challenges and triumphs. It is empowering its members to navigate today’s RWH knowledge and resources, as well as find their best-matched, vetted providers to help prevent and address the root causes of their chronic diseases. Members can engage in immersive learning from thought-leading professional organizations and these trusted providers.
“Our DNA may be our ancestry, but it does not have to be our destiny. We are building a global healing community, rooted and united through love of humanity and our planet. We are sharing healing success stories to inspire hope, foster meaningful connections and ensure that mission-aligned organizations prosper,” says Whittle. “KnoWEwell brings an unparalleled depth of health and well-being benefits to individuals and families and the entire Regenerative Whole Health ecosystem. Together, WE inspire and empower WELLthier living—happy, healthy, abundant and purpose-filled living.”

Natural Awakenings is proud to be a collaborative partner with KnoWEwell. With gratitude for 27 years of sharing its mission, the magazine is pleased to provide its readers with the gift of a free, basic, annual KnoWEwell membership for individuals and providers. The new platform can be found at

To begin a WELLthier Living journey, see page 4, which includes free membership codes.