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Elisabeth Heneage, MBA, ND; Alphastar Healing

Elisabeth Heneage, MBA, ND • Alphastar Healing

2562-2 E Fort Lowell Rd • 520-250-3871
[email protected]

Elisabeth Heneage’s 40 years in practice have seen an increase of intuitive understanding and ability to address underlying issues and health concerns for clients. Heneage cares deeply and senses the primary concerns which must be corrected for true healing to occur. In her office at Alphastar Healing, Heneage employs state-of-the-art healing technology named Trinfinity8 to advance and correct “out-of-alignment” areas within the client.
Heart rate variability (HRV) testing found that clients using the Trinfinity8 can experience a measurably improved condition of the heart system in the body. When Trinfinity8 programs are added to any health or lifestyle plan, the body’s biological systems are better regulated.
Trinfinity8 employs sound, visualizations and algorithmic (mathematical) codes to re-align, rejuvenate and promote longevity. Sound complicated? It’s not. The way it works is by holding crystal rods in one’s hands while mathematical codes stream into their body through the rods. They watch fractal visualizations and listen to Solfeggio tones at the same time.
Math is the blueprint of creation. Everything has a mathematical signature. Mathematics is the universal language of nature and DNA. So, the body totally understands math and responds to mathematical codes and directions. This is sacred geometry.
Fractal visualizations are geometric animations for each of the 72 programs of Trinfinity8. These visualizations work together with the codes and the tones to amplify powerful healing at the cellular level. Solfeggio tones increase healing and transformation. These sacred tones have been used since ancient times to awaken and expand consciousness—to make one more aware. The tones act as a carrier wave to strengthen the transmission of data and mathematical codes to the cells.
These three modalities work together to create healing effects previously unknown and used in no other energy device out there. This is truly advanced, new medicine for deep inner and outer health.
Trinfinity8 can help increase awareness, assist in attaining self-balance while working to restore health and vitality. Programs include: energy restoration, stress reduction, health and nutrition, skin, hair and face rejuvenation, weight management and body sculpting.
First visits for Trinfinity8 are discounted 40 percent.See ad, page 55.

Alphastar Healing - 25622 E Fort Lowell Rd Tucson AZ

Alphastar Healing - 25622 E Fort Lowell Rd, Tucson, AZ

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