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Judy Ferrig

Judy Ferrig

Judy Ferrig
Reiki Universal Life Force Master Teacher

[email protected]

Create energetic, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and abundance with the assistance of Judy Ferrig, MS, Reiki Universal Life Force Master Teacher. Transmuting non-beneficial energies will make a significant difference in the quality of our life on all levels. Working with Ferrig to heal energy systems results in greatly enhanced emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic well-being.
Ferrig uses a wide variety of methods based on what is most effective at the time. Modalities include reiki, trauma release, past life regression, purpose and counterproductive beliefs. She offers energetic clearing of home and workspaces. Ferrig’s training includes a master’s of behavioral science, Reiki Master Teacher certification and other specialized energy courses. She offers individual sessions as well as workshops.
Ferrig also works with animal healing and behavior. Her work with animals involves communication and healing. Many physical conditions and behaviors have energetic origins. Together with Ferrig, clients learn to understand their animal’s behaviors and communicate what they want, resulting in improved understanding for both.

Judy Ferrif

Open Pathways-Energy and Animal Communication - 13489 N Holly Grape Dr, Marana, AZ

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