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Safi Home Works

This month, in January of 2021, Safi Cleaners is celebrating its third anniversary as “The Truly Nontoxic Cleaners”. Started as a refugee-powered social enterprise that offers people an opportunity to work in a safe environment and earn a living wage, Safi adopted non-toxic methods from the start to protect clients and cleaners from the toxic effects of conventional cleaning agents.
“There’s no regulation of the word ‘green’, so we can see companies that call themselves green simply because they use a product that’s colored green,” explains co-owner Minami Espinosa. “We use cleaning agents that you can eat, or at least put on your skin, including graywater-safe Oasis detergent, vinegar, pumice stone, baking soda and more.”
The word “Safi” is Swahili for “neat” or “snappy”. Some Safi cleaners come from Africa, others from Latin America and the Middle East. Hawa Adam, from Sudan, has worked with Safi for two years. “We work very hard, in dirty places, but I’ve been working since I was seven so I love to work,” says Adam.
“Cleaning is actually a very complex task,” says Jamie Wolslagel, a Tucson native who manages and supervises the crews. “I used to work with brain surgeons and I’m not sure that this work, when done well, is necessarily easier than brain surgery.”

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Safi Home Works - NA Tucson AZ

Safi Home Works - NA, Tucson, AZ

CLEANING SERVICES: Safi Cleaners is a refugee-powered social enterprise. Safi uses only super-green, truly nontoxic cleaning agents to clean homes and a variety of commercial space. Some... Read More »