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When HARMONY783 was deciding what to call their new grounding footwear company, they focused on their mission: helping people reestablish the natural, healthful connection with the earth that humans have enjoyed since Day One.
Today, we call this reunion with Mother Earth grounding. In the past, it was simply called living. Without artificial barriers—plastics, rubbers and other synthetics—insulating us from the natural energy constantly emanating from the earth, we received a continuous gift of buzzing electrons that worked to revitalize every cell in our bodies. Whether we were searching for a better cave, hunting, gathering, planting or simply sitting on the earth around the community fire, our bodies were constantly being replenished.
The word “Harmony” embraces the natural, unadulterated relationship between people and planet. Being connected to nature is vital to our well-being, and we need to make sure that we don’t inadvertently introduce obstacles that interfere with this magnificent, healthy grand design. The “783” part of the name is a tribute to the energy frequency that our earth hums along at and makes everything possible: 7.83 Hz. Science shows that our brains, along with every other cell in our bodies, operate at a more optimal state when in contact with this harmonic resonance.
While there are many ways for people to reestablish this natural connection with the earth, HARMONY783 is focused on the simple, oh-so-human act of walking. Their comfortable, stylish shoes are purposefully engineered to facilitate the constant transfer of the earth’s revitalizing electrons into our bodies. Simply put, HARMONY783 is walking the way it was meant to be.

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HARMONY783 - NA Tucson AZ

HARMONY783 - NA, Tucson, AZ

HARMONY783 footwear is your vehicle to reconnect with the earth’s energy through grounding, also known as earthing, and revitalize your body in a simple and effortless way with every step... Read More »