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EMF Wellness

EMF Wellness Tucson is a new business helping to keep Tucson’s homes, offices and schools safe from unhealthy levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). We humans have lived in harmony with natural EMFs from the earth and sun for over 200,000 years. Artificial EMFs came into our lives 150 years ago following the invention of electricity. In the last 25 years, the digital revolution has brought an explosion of radio frequency (wireless) radiation that is expected to greatly increase with the 5G rollout, which is well underway in Tucson.
Along with our fellow plants and animals, we are now exposed to this invisible, silent radiation from hundreds of devices—from cell towers and solar panels outside of buildings to Wi-Fi routers and baby monitors within. Scientific studies show that overexposure to EMFs puts stress on our bodies at the cellular level, leading to uncomfortable symptoms and increasing our risk of many diseases, ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s.
EMF Wellness believes that people should have a choice about their exposure to any substance that can be harmful to their health. The first step in exercising that choice is to know one’s exposure. EMF Wellness certified experts have the knowledge and tools to get them to safe levels and educate clients so they can make informed choices. Assessments include measurement of inside and outside sources of EMFs, including smart meters, cell towers and power lines.

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“Electromagnetic safety for a healthy life” EMF Wellness helps keep Tucson’s homes, offices, and schools safe from unhealthy levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). It offers profes... Read More » 


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