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Individualized Fitness Programs with Jason Cummings

Jason Cummings

Jason Cummings

At Reverence Personal Training and Movement Therapy, Jason Cummings, a credentialed physical therapist assistant, personal trainer and long-time yoga practitioner, specializes in giving individualized attention to clients. He helps those with common age related conditions such as osteoarthritis along with other post acute and chronic medical conditions causing discomfort and abnormal movement. He is currently offering 25 percent off the initial consultation fee of $60.
t is natural for the human body to experience degenerative changes as we age. Cartilage that allows our joints to move smoothly and sustain force wears down, and osteoarthritis often follows. Our muscles naturally weaken over time. Some muscles shorten due to sustained poor posture common with sedentary lifestyles, while other deep stabilizer muscles become weak. The body can become stiff and weak, leading to dysfunctional movement patterns, poor balance and pain. All of us could use some help along the way in dealing with these very human conditions.
“Have you been experiencing pain or maybe feel out of shape and tired? Could you benefit from help with your body in order to feel and move better?” questions Cummings. “Reverence Personal Training is offering individualized fitness programs to fit your needs and aspirations.” The programs incorporate use of strength training, myofascial release and stretching, increasing cardiovascular endurance, balance training and potentially the mind/body integration movement practices of yoga and tai chi. Training is available at a well-suited private therapy space or in-home.

For more information, call 520-979-8118 or email [email protected]om. See ad, page 13.

Reverence  Personal Training and Movement Therapy - NA Tucson AZ

Reverence Personal Training and Movement Therapy

Jason is a credentialed physical therapist assistant and personal trainer who has experience in orthopedic and neuromuscular physical therapy, myofascial release techniques, therapeutic e... Read More » 


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