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Stress Management and Resiliency Training Biofeedback

Emily Takeuchi-Miller, ND

Emily Takeuchi-Miller, ND

Dr. Emily Takeuchi-Miller, at Transformational Medicine, is offering a stress management and resiliency training biofeedback program. Biofeedback is a safe, noninvasive, evidenced-based method to help people develop greater awareness and the ability to regulate their physiology by using signals from their own bodies with the goal of improving their well-being, health and performance.
In biofeedback, sensors connected to the body provide information in real time about its functioning, such as muscle tension, sweating, temperature, respiration and heart rate. This eight-session training also incorporates breath work, meditation and guided imagery.
“In these current times, where each day can seem more tumultuous than the last, it seems words like mindfulness, meditation and self-care are everywhere. But these concepts can seem lofty and at times intimidating. You may be left wondering, ‘Where do I start?’” says Takeuchi-Miller. “Numerous studies have shown that mental and emotional stress can cause physical changes in the body, leading to other health problems. When our nervous system is in a state of balance, the immune system operates better, the body heals faster and we can achieve optimal health and performance.”
Takeuchi-Miller uses biofeedback to help retrain a client’s nervous system to be more resilient and produce more helpful responses in the long term, such as: healthy stress coping skills; increases in exercise and restful sleep; positive changes in relational dynamics; reductions in anxiety and depression; and decreases in muscle tension, chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, food cravings and unhealthy eating habits.

For more information and to schedule a free half-hour biofeedback experience, call 520-209-1755. See ad, page 3.

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