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Grief in Letting Go with Jennica Klemann

Jennica Klemann

Jennica Klemann

Jennica Klemann, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist in Tucson, offers relief for those struggling with their grief, specializing in physical and emotional grief work. She provides her grief coaching services in person and online.

When we are in the process of purging our belongings, we are faced with letting go of memories—nostalgia from childhood, keepsakes from children who are now adults or things that were gifted by someone no longer living.
“But will you grieve the loss of that fine china you have never, and will never, use? You may find that it’s more about the broken heart you feel from the loss of your dear loved one who gave it to you. All the unspoken thoughts and feelings, and the things you wish you could say but can’t,” says Klemann. “There are many ways that you can feel good about letting go of things without letting go of the memories. But if you feel that the process is too overwhelming and emotional, then starting with grief recovery may be the first step before tackling that next box of stuff.”

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Grief Relief with Jennica - 6812 N Oracle Rd 100 Tucson AZ

Grief Relief with Jennica - 6812 N Oracle Rd 100, Tucson, AZ

Jennica Klemann is an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Arizona Licensed Massage Therapist. She specializes in a variety of losses including death, divorce, loss of health,... Read More »