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Ensure a Healthy Digital Life with GE Computing

GE Computing and Internet Services has different computer health plans to ensure that our digital lives are healthy. Need to know how to do something? Computer acting sick? See “Doctor Don”, owner Don Gibbens. Want to have a computer seen regularly? GE Computing offers three-, six- or 12-month checkup plans, as well as Total Computer Health plans that take care of the computer’s health on an ongoing basis.
“If you were having heart health issues, would you not go to the doctor? In the same way, why would you (not) do that for your computer systems, which are the heart of your
digital life?” says Gibbens. “Start by calling to take advantage of a 30-minute, no-charge consultation.”

For more information, call 520-332-1485, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 25.

Don Gibbens


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