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Desert Landscapes on Display in Photography Book, Arizona Skies

Charlie Alolkoy

Charlie Alolkoy

The lush desert landscapes and the glorious skies above them inspired nature photographer Charlie Alolkoy to create Arizona Skies. A five-star-rated book, Arizona Skies was Amazon’s number one best-seller for new releases in landscape photography for its first week of publication.
Alolkoy has been single-minded for his entire life in his quest for artistic excellence, which honors his Chumash Native American heritage. Alolkoy’s first encounter with desert country—on a family road trip across Arizona when he was six—left a lasting impression, and he eventually made Tucson his home. He soon became captivated by southern Arizona’s extraordinary cloudscapes, which motivated him to devote enormous amounts of time to sky photography, an endeavor that culminated in a 10-year collection of photographs that became Arizona Skies. The book includes striking images of sunrises, sunsets, sunrays and the famous southern Arizona monsoons.
“Photography allows me the privilege of an intimate relationship with the Sonoran Desert,” says Alolkoy. “People often miss out on many of the area’s extraordinary cloud shows. I treasure the opportunity to share what I’ve witnessed and the sense of wonder it brings.”

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