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Numero-logic: Numerology in September of 2021

Aug 31, 2021 07:00AM ● By Paula Bowman
September is a number nine. The actual date of this month of September, numerically of course, looks like this: 9/2021. Now, add them up sideways: 9+2+0+2+1=14, which equals 5. Five means surprises, healing jumps, fun stuff and the big word: changes. Things we never would expect. Small healthy surprises, but also big healthy surprises. Things happen to us; other things, we surprisingly initiate ourselves.
Now, all Septembers are a number nine, and in numerology they produce the quality of culmination and completion. Somehow, some way, “it is finished”. But the quality is spiritual, for number nine, so it is a healing and spiritual completion, in some way or other. Or, a finish of a project which is spiritual. Or, we might say, “It was a spiritual endeavor.”
This year, 2021, is also a five (2+0+2+1= 5), and so we have a double impact from our five: the year (2021) and the year-plus-month (9+2+0+2+1=14, 1+4=5). This presents us with two fives—quite different, say, from this past month of August or the coming October month. September is different: “The Healing Five Within the Healing Five”. This means surprises within surprises.
Let’s talk about the color blue. Normally, the color for number nine is “all pastel colors”. But, blue is for number five, and since we have that double five this September, blue, it is! Now, that is not every shade of blue, but more the aqua and light blue, rather than teal or indigo. If something comes up this month where a color must be chosen or identified, our best bet might be an aqua or a light blue. This could be in a design feature, socks, a tie, marketing, a scarf, a gift, a purchase, clothes from the closet, wall paint, curtains, napkins, a car, a painting, a piece of art—or blueberries.
Now, September of nearly 10 years ago, in 2012, was also a five—quite unusual. Just for the record, that was the month that Barack Obama accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party to run for president of the U.S. Whereas it did not seem to be a surprise at the time, we all knew it solidified a mighty change in U.S. history—like a surprise.
Of course, that’s only talking politics, and politics are only one aspect of our day-to-day lives. Our numbers in numerology, have aspects daily that can be fun, and healing, in that sense, to consider—especially when it’s five. Five is surprising and jumpy, which can be especially fun. So, take leaps. Remember, “He who hesitates is lost”.
The five within the five is like the egg with two yolks. It definitely is not expected, for one thing, but it also is like the arrival of twins when there’s only one baby expected. That second unexpected child is a double responsibility, a double life—but it also is a surprise-source of unexpected fun.
September is the last phase before a new cycle begins, and a culmination or completion, in that sense. Don’t resist the healing power in it. Remember to be ready in September of 2021 for the “next new beginning”. Even if we have to call on our own inner resources, or our own inner power, that’s “inward”, private thinking that brings healing.

Bowman, who refers to herself as "Mooncap", does not presume to predict, but likes rather
to offer healthy and illuminating corroborations, "by number". Connect with her at
[email protected].