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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Become a Better Dowser at the Flagstaff Dowsers Conference

For those looking to become one of the best dowsers in the world, the opportunity to learn from world experts awaits in Flagstaff, October 6 through 12, at the Flagstaff Dowsers Conference. The conference offers beginner and advanced dowsing schools, workshops and field trips, and the core of the conference (Friday through Sunday) offers four tracks, with four different impressive speakers, four times per day, for three days.
In attendance, there will be professional dowsers with abilities to find water, missing people, pets and items. Some dowsers have found their talents lie in healing, dissipating non-beneficial energies and cutting energetic cords.
Dowsing is an innate skill we all possess and if we hone that skill by spending time with other dowsers, these talents emerge effortlessly. Within the dowsing community, it is known that by physically spending time with other dowsers, one’s intuitive skills are enhanced and improved many-fold. Dowsing is focused intuition.

For more information, a full itinerary and registration, visit See ad, page 5.