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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Massage Therapy at Healing Spirit Soaks

At Healing Spirit Soaks, Licensed Massage Therapist Brandie Lynn Garcia provides therapeutic massage services, which treats the body holistically, enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual health. The key physical benefits include stimulating the blood supply to remove toxins, relieving pain by calming the peripheral nervous system and improving joint mobility by toning and relaxing muscles.
Emotional and spiritual benefits start with the simple power of touch. As a highly documented source of healing, hands-on techniques promote relaxation and stress relief. In stimulating the release of endorphins, therapeutic massage can help to improve moods, reduce anxiety and increase energy levels. “Massage treatments must be considered a necessary part of our health,” says Garcia.
Garcia also offers Fascia Blasting sessions. Fascia completely encases our body, whether it be muscles or nerves, and the fascia also holds our blood in place. If our fascia is tight it is restricting everything else that it holds. So, if our fascia is restricting our nerves, we can feel nerve pain. Some other great benefits include cellulite reduction, increased blood flow, reduced subcutaneous fat and pain relief.
Healing Spirit Soaks also offers regenerative water, herb and gem baths, as well as vaginal steams, a cedar hot tub, infrared sauna, reflexology foot treatment, bodywork and more.

Location: 1074 N. Swan Rd., Tucson. For more information, call 520-344-3250 or visit

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Healing Spirit Soaks - 1074 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ

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