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Joyful, Healed and Whole with Higher Heart Healing

Anna Wenzler

Anna Wenzler

At Higher Heart Healing, Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer Anna Wenzler uses a variety
of healing modalities, including reiki, shamanic and quantum healing, which take her clients from
feeling disconnected, anxious and fearful, to centered, joyful, healed and whole. Her spirituality programs, channeling sessions and crystal sand bowl healing sessions take clients to where they can live a life confident in their own capabilities and decision making, while expanding their heart into a place of forgiveness, compassion, self-love and, finally, abundance.
In her “medicine bag”, Wenzler uses the following tools to make these physical and energetic changes happen: Kundalini Awakening Program (her signature offer), crystal work in all services, shamanic healing methods and tools, clearing sage and crystals in the auric field, chakra balancing, reiki healing, personalized affirmations and mantras, spirit channeling sessions and living water treatments.
The full arc of experience is profound, impactful and powerfully transformative, according to Wenzler. Her services can be scheduled online at Home or office clearings and channeling sessions are also available.

For more information, call 313-303-0651 or visit See ad, page 18.

Higher Heart Healing - NA Oro Valley AZ

Higher Heart Healing

“As an energy healer, I am passionate about taking my clients from feeling numb, unfulfilled and anxious, to living a life feeling centered, joyful, and engaged with the world.” Anna We... Read More » 


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