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Find Answers with Kryste Andrews Hypnotherapy

Kryste Andrews

Kryste Andrews

Hypnotherapy with Kryste Andrews brings much more than valuable information from Past Life Regressions. Clients can choose to go into Spirit form and learn what happens on the Other Side—the life between lives. Is it peaceful? Is it a learning opportunity with other Spirits at the same level? Do we rest and restore, preparing for our next incarnation or are we busy helping loved ones on Earth?
Communication with Spirit brings answers. We can contact our own Spirit from the past or our departed loved ones or the fetus growing in our body. We need answers to important questions swirling in our world, questions about the future of Planet Earth, about the best way to move forward at this complex time in history. Connect to the answers that lie within our own subconscious, our Higher Self. Hypnosis takes us to the altered state where all is known.
“Are you pregnant and eager to connect with the Spirit of your baby? Are you contemplating creating a family or inviting another child into your life? Perhaps you are trying to become pregnant,” questions Andrews. “Hypnosis allows us to connect with Spirit on every level, including the Spirit of your baby in utero and a Spirit waiting to be summoned from the Other Side.”

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Kryste Andrews

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