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How to Write a Book, One-on-One

Kim Green

Kim Green

Writing a book is the most personal and intense process an individual can pursue. Blank Page Consulting makes it doable, necessary and downright transformational. Kim Green’s career is built on passion for writers and their process. After years of entertainment marketing and freelance journalism, Green has authored two novels and ghostwritten celebrity biographies. She has also served as a writing consultant for TV networks, individuals and corporations.
In addition to her writing career, she has earned life coaching credentials to solidify Blank Page Consulting, which was designed to give writers what they need: trust, support and someone who truly believes in their work. 
The Blank Page Book Completion Experience takes writers on a life-changing journey of assessing their idea, and then rigorously fleshing it out until it’s ready to write. Green’s vast experience as an award-winning author, copywriter and blogger makes her the perfect companion for this meaningful journey.
Weekly meetings keep writers accountable, while provided editorial notes propel writers to the next chapter. Unlike mass-market coaching programs, there are no lengthy webinars for clients to view, because each writer has their own set of talents, challenges, perspectives and fears. It is the one-on-one approach that gets a writer to The End.
Green also offers an abbreviated, 10-week collective program and special pricing for Natural Awakenings readers.

For more information and to schedule a free, 30-minute call about your book dreams, call/text 678-938-2777, email [email protected] or visit

Kim Green

Blank Page Consulting

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