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Natural Awakenings Tucson

October 2021 Letter From Publisher

Sep 30, 2021 10:00AM ● By Holly Baker
Holly Baker. Styling & Photography by

Holly Baker. Styling & Photography by

Our readers are passionate about living healthy, living well and living green. I think this month’s edition covers those concepts beautifully, and can’t wait for you to read about all things minimalism, mental health, art as therapy, wild cooking, self-care and more.
The “Less Stuff, More Joy” article on page 22 really resonated with me. The idea of living small, tiny homes and being a minimalist has become more popular, especially after many of us reevaluated what was most important to us in the last year. When we pause and take stock, those material possessions are more likely weighing us down than bringing us joy. This article is a celebration of the worthwhile idea of having less and experiencing more. There is even an included checklist to help get you started in the minimalist mindset.
Have you heard of the Buy Nothing Project? There is an app that connects you with a group in your neighborhood or area, in which neighbors give items they no longer need, and receive items that they are in search of. What a beautiful way to modernize the barter system, get us more in touch with our neighbors—and save money and the planet! See page 11 for more information.
On page 18, learn about Art Therapy from Tucson Art Therapist Rebecca Wilkinson, who guides patients through art as a form of reflection and conversation, which can lead to great breakthroughs in mental health and well-being. We can try basic forms of this at home by relaxing with a coloring book or craft. Get your mind wandering while being creative and see what thoughts you need to chase.
In “Walk About”, on page 26, read some simple tips for a pastime that is proven to be good for our mental and physical well-being—walking. While out in nature on your walk, maybe you find some edible wild mushrooms. “Foraged Fungi Fare”, on page 30, talks about the benefits of foraging, which varieties to try and includes recipes to make wild mushrooms that wow.

Be well,