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Feel True Gratitude with Thanksgiving Yoga

Trish Harris, owner and teacher at Divine Journey Yoga, has been leading a Thanksgiving yoga class for several years and donating the proceeds to the Tucson Food Bank. This year, join the class via Zoom, at 10 a.m. PST, Thanksgiving Day. Take a moment out of the busy season and holiday to be truly present and grateful.
Gratitude can be an important supplement for our brains and bodies. Making a short list of the people and things we are grateful for can boost our physical and mental well-being. Most of us already know this, yet we forget how easy and how powerful gratitude can be. Luckily, we have a national holiday for being thankful.
“Sometimes in the midst of all the planning or work of a holiday, we can lose sight of its meaning. For the past several years, I have found a moment of peace and quiet by setting aside an hour to share yoga the morning of Thanksgiving Day,” explains Harris. “I am amazed at how profound it is to lift my hands either seated or standing and turn my face toward the sky to pause and take a deep breath. Breathing in, thinking the word ‘thank’, breathing out, thinking the word ‘you’. A simple mantra with simple gentle movement can open up a moment of hope and healing for our minds and bodies. I hope you find a way to be grateful this season.”

For more information and to register, call 520-490-4012, email [email protected] or visit

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