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Benefits of Relaxation Massage

In a Relaxation Massage, the practitioner utilizes their hands to work the body’s soft tissue to provide deep relaxation. The technique relies on long, smooth, gliding strokes that are simultaneously rhythmic and flowing. Relaxation massage techniques frequently incorporate varying pressures to invoke pleasant sensations while avoiding discomfort. As the name suggests, relaxation massages are intended to provide a soothing sense of euphoria.
While inadvertent benefits may occur, relaxation massages are not intended to relieve chronic pain or other underlying conditions. The massage environment may be enhanced through the use of soothing music, strategic lighting, aromatherapy or a warm towel compress.
Although not a panacea for chronic illness, there remains a litany of benefits associated with Relaxation Massages. The list below is not exhaustive, but some of the most commonly reported benefits include: improved circulation, which encourages digestion and toxin elimination; relief from neck, back, shoulder and hip aches and pains; reduced muscle tension, soreness and pain; headache relief; improved posture; improved range of motion; deeper sleep; diminished stress-related symptoms; enhanced immunity; more toned and youthful skin; speedier recovery of soft tissue injuries; and alleviation of anxiety or depression.
The price range will vary, contingent upon location and practitioner. However, as a general guideline, expect an average price to be $80. As noted this is an average, and the price may range from $59 up to $190. It is highly recommended each client explores various practitioners to discover what works best, as preferences and needs are different.
Above all, the practitioner should provide a memorable and effective experience and be adept at listening and responding to client needs.

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