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Book Digest, by Alexandria L. Thomas

What’s your book about? Book Digest is made up of six short stories.
Living in Four Lives: The Theory by Rhea Ann explores the idea that we all live four lives at once, just like the shape of a pyramid. We are living in the center of the pyramid, living all four lives at once.

The second story is called Remarkable: The 31 Miraculous Miracles in My Life—a list of all the miracles in my life by the time I was 60 years old.
Next, The People of the North, is a beautiful Indian love story I learned when I hiked on Indian land in California for seven years, once a month, and held Indian ceremonies for women.
The Path to Peace is broken into three smaller stories: Choose Wisely, The Truth and Other Dimensions. They are about saying your prayers out loud—about choosing wisely in your life, telling yourself the truth and keeping your eyes and ears open for other dimensions.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I have been doing healing work for 46 years. I am a medical  intuitive, medium, spiritual counselor and I do readings. I write books hoping that people will learn about themselves through reading, as well as listening to the voice within.

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Alexandria L Thomas - na Tucson AZ

Alexandria L. Thomas - na, Tucson, AZ

I am a Medical Intuitive, USUI Reiki Master Teacher, shaman, medium, spiritual counselor and healing facilitator. I’ve also practiced martial arts for 14 years, and instructed for nine ye... Read More »