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Nature Apps to Learn By

Illustrations of various plants


Audubon Guide: Search a field guide to 800 species of birds found in North America with tips on places to find them.

Picture Insect: Identify thousands of different insects and learn about them using this entomologist in a pocket.

Picture Mushroom: Identify thousands of different mushrooms using a smartphone.

PlantNet: Identify wild plants by posting photos. Images are compared to thousands of images from throughout the world in a database.

Seek by iNaturalist: Seek uses data submitted to iNaturalist to show suggestions for species nearby, but unlike iNaturalist, findings made with Seek will not be shared publicly, making it safe for children to use. Users can earn badges as they discover wildlife.

TrailLink: Search a database of more than 40,000 miles of trails in the U.S. and download trail maps on a smartphone.

photo by Jackie Lentz Bowman

Technology Meets Nature: Apps Bring Us Closer to Flora and Fauna

We can enhance our nature experiences with these smartphone apps that identify plants and animals, interact with scientists, share knowledge and observations, and contribute to science. Read More ยป