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Intuitive Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Women

May 31, 2022 09:00AM ● By Erica Mills
Linda Sulvita

Linda Sulvita

Intuitive hypnotherapist, Linda Sulvita, facilitates self-healing and self-empowerment for spiritual seekers, lightworkers, healers, empaths and intuitives through spiritual hypnosis. With a focus on helping spiritual women embody their connection to Source (i.e. God, Universe), she helps her clients experience the power to heal themselves and trust their own intuition.
Specializing in soul guidance, ancestral healing, emotional release and past life regressions, Sulvita helps women release past trauma, break patterns of self-sabotage, transform limiting beliefs and receive clarity of next steps in their spiritual mission/business, relationships or soul purpose.
As an empath and highly sensitive person, Sulvita understands the struggle for sensitives who easily absorb and repress emotions and trauma not just from childhood, but from ancestral patterns and past life memories stored in the subconscious mind. These patterns can perpetuate a sense of victimization, self-doubt or self-sabotage, which keep seekers under the illusion that they aren’t good enough or worthy enough to be the creator of their own joy.
Sulvita helps spiritual seekers access their subconscious mind to heal and release what no longer serves them and embody what they truly desire. From the comfort of their own homes, clients can work with her remotely via Zoom.

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Linda Sulvita

Vessel of Love, Intuitive Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Mentorship

Intuitive hypnotherapist, Linda Sulvita, facilitates self-healing and self-empowerment for lightworkers, spiritual seekers, healers, empaths & intuitives through spiritual hypnosis.... Read More » 

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