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How Do Teeth Affect Self-Confidence?

Although body acceptance is something that people have started to encourage globally, still diseased, neglected or unaesthetic teeth make people conscious about themselves. People who have healthy teeth feel confident and smile without any worry. A beautiful smile is not only directly related to our self-esteem, but it can also increase the level of happiness in our life or how others view us.
It is scientifically proven that smiling results in the release of endorphins. So, if one’s self-esteem is in question because of their smile, it is important to make it a smile that will make them feel beautiful and confident—with the proper and regular care of teeth.
Teeth can create the right or wrong first impression. A first impression is the last impression and thus, it becomes important to feel confident, to leave people impressed at the first instance. Chances are that people will notice our teeth if they are or are not well-maintained, since it is certainly impossible to ignore them. A survey finding by Kelton Research shows that even the alignment of teeth is a catalyst for assumptions regarding success, popularity, intelligence and general health. It also stated that, “people appear to be financially and professionally successful, intelligent, healthy and happy when they have straight, well-tended teeth.” Survey further stated that “people would trust a person with a great smile more than someone with a good job, an attractive outfit or an impressive car.”
Teeth issues keep us dissatisfied. If facing any teeth issues—for example, a broken/missing tooth, swollen or bleeding gums—our self-esteem may keep on diminishing as we can’t talk, smile and behave normally, in fear of others noticing the problem. Any dental problems may lead to a difficult situation.

Tips to Lift Confidence with Healthy Teeth

Maintaining $Oral health
Maintaining good oral health should be the most important concern. The most fundamental of all is brushing and flossing. Make it a habit to brush teeth twice a day, accompanied by flossing at least once a day. Using an electric toothbrush is more effective to flush the bacteria which resides in between gums and teeth and on teeth surfaces to maintain a healthier mouth. An electric toothbrush is also less damaging to teeth than manual brushing, which requires scrubbing.
Regular Dental Check-ups
Dental check-ups must be done at least once every six months, as the dentist can locate decay at its initial stages and not when it’s already very involved. A dentist can also address any other symptoms which may lead to a serious problem. This will help reduce funds needed to address the issue, time spent treating it and the number of visits needed. It is always best to keep as much of the original tooth structure as possible, and early detection is the key. Treatment may be as easy as changing home care routine or adding products that are effective, holistic and non-harmful to address issues.

Whitening Treatment
Consider getting whitening treatments for a whiter and brighter smile to attain greater self-esteem. The kind of food and beverages we are consuming regularly can stain our teeth. Keep in mind that whitening and home care for this procedure requires regular maintenance. As everything else in life, maintenance ensures long lasting results.

Use of Braces
Braces are used to straighten misaligned/crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth are a very common problem experienced by children, teens and even adults that either never got treatment to resolve the crowding issue or those that did get orthodontics treatment but did not use retainers regularly to maintain their alignment. Using retainers to maintain bite alignment is very important as one ages and matures, since over time, teeth tend to collect and crowd in the lower and upper front teeth areas. This can lead to malocclusion, which can allow teeth to hit inappropriately, leading to chips, fractures and excessive wear.

Unhealthy teeth and poor dental appearance can lead to low self-esteem. Dental disorders have a powerful impact on one’s psychosocial behavior. Good oral health effectively contributes to a more content and happy life. So, we can boost our confidence by keeping our teeth clean, healthy and beautiful.

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