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Self-Empowerment and Vibration

Let’s take a look at the basic premise of this topic, self-empowerment. It starts with the idea that there is something wrong with me—that I am missing something important, that I have to acquire my power, that I don’t have power and I have to get some.
Now let’s approach this from the opposite direction. Assume for the moment that I’m perfect, just as I am. That somewhere along the way I forgot that, and I believed others who told me I am less than, and that to be okay I need to yield to others—experts, authorities, etc. To do what they tell us to do, to think what they tell us to think.
Self-empowerment is not gaining something; rather, it is letting go of all that is not me, anything that is not my authentic self. It’s being clear and comfortable with who I am, not comparing myself to anyone else. Only then can I access and express my true power. It’s been there all along.
There are many holistic modalities that help us release the conditioned patterns that prevent us from accessing our inner power. Those patterns are stored energetically in our bioenergetic field, whether we are aware of them or not. Working with frequency enables us to harmonize those patterns and clear the way to our authentic selves and our inner power.

Trish Devitt is a Transformational Coach and Advanced Frequency Therapist with over 20 years of experience helping people transform their lives and health. She offers custom sessions and workshops in person at LSpa in Marana, or virtually. Connect at 520-261-5194,

Trish Devitt

Transformational Coaching & Advanced Frequency Wellness

TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING: Neutralize the effects of subconscious patterns and traumas that are preventing you from living a fulfilling, peaceful life. Access your inner wisdom and power.... Read More » 


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