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Self-Empowerment with Grief Recovery

Jul 31, 2022 09:00AM ● By Erica Mills
Jennica Klemann, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, offers relief for those struggling with their grief both in the Tucson area and online. “Self-empowerment means advocating for oneself—recognizing the need for change and then empowering yourself to take the necessary action steps toward the desired result,” she says.
“When you’re grieving, or experiencing the effects of loss caused by a death, divorce or change in lifestyle, you are not experiencing optimal quality of life,” Klemann says. “You may be stuck in a pattern of unhappiness, or an inability to relieve yourself of the constant ache of heartbreak. You may feel incomplete, isolated or lonely.”
Klemann continues, “The Grief Recovery Method is different than other types of grief support. Once someone decides they no longer want to feel limited by their grief, it’s my job to guide grievers through a series of small action-based choices. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the positive changes in someone who has empowered themselves to complete their relationship with their pain. Doing something new and different can be scary, but if you don’t try, nothing will change.”

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Grief Relief with Jennica - 6812 N Oracle Rd 100 Tucson AZ

Grief Relief with Jennica - 6812 N Oracle Rd 100, Tucson, AZ

Jennica Klemann is an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Arizona Licensed Massage Therapist. She specializes in a variety of losses including death, divorce, loss of health,... Read More »