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Dentistry and Craniosacral Treatments

Practitioners that focus on cranial work believe there is an important connection between the state of our mouth/teeth and the rest of our body. In health, all facial and cranial bones are free to express movement carefully and rhythmically. If the face is subject to trauma, it is possible that normal and rhythmic bone motion becomes restricted, and we may begin to develop symptoms not only in the face, head and neck, but also elsewhere in the body.
One of the common causes of trauma in teeth (and the mouth/face/head in general) is intensive dental treatments. Some common causes of dental trauma include: tooth extraction, root canals, freezing/anesthesia, upper full or partial denture, bridges that connect the front teeth, periodontal work, implants, absence of back teeth and orthodontics.
Common symptoms of these traumas include: nasal problems, hearing problems, headaches, migraines, neck pain, back (lower or upper) pain, TMJ disorders, jaw pain, teeth clenching and teeth grinding.
Often, craniosacral practitioners find strong tensions in the face, jaw and mouth area that need to be treated and potentially may have been the cause of the symptoms. Craniosacral work offers powerful yet delicate treatment to release patterns in the face, head and neck (that might affect the rest of the body) and also an opportunity to follow up after any dental treatment that may cause dental stress.
It is also recommended to follow up with cranial treatment after an intense dental appointment. There are many reasons why this may be necessary, but there are a few important ones that stand out. Craniosacral therapies may assist with long treatments of orthodontics, assist with tensions and posture (needed after long appointments, lying down with head tilted back and mouth wide open) and assisting with the flow of the anesthetics.

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E Dental Solutions & Medicine Wheel Dental - 2504 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ

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