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Alternative Holistic Kindergarten Homeschool Program

Sylvia Robbins

Sylvia Robbins

Do you feel that your child’s education is impersonal to their individual gifts and abilities? Sylvia Robbins established Mystic Desert Kindergarten (ages 5 to 7), a micro homeschool with a creative, earth-centered curriculum in retaliation to the high-tech factory-style schooling prevalent in the U.S. She developed her Four House Curriculum, an educational system that directs attention to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the student with the understanding that one house can and will affect the other.
Her goal is to weave together a beautiful totality addressing all aspects of children and developing an elevated conscience. The benefit of the Four House holistic model is that a child’s innate abilities and gifts can be recognized and further developed at an early age. With this, a child is more likely to find happiness and meaningful purpose in their being without becoming prey to extreme materialism, idol worshipping, self-destructive behaviors and addictions.
Ultimately, Robbins believes a more enlightened individual can contribute best to the collective whole. She offers a newly renovated studio fully equipped for a creative, accelerated and fun private Kindergarten experience. She incorporates structured core subjects interwoven with stories, magical kingdoms of fairies, angels, animal spirits, music, art, movement, spiritual development and much more.
Low-cost teacher training, homeschool parenting counseling and bi-monthly homeschool parenting meet-ups are also available.

For more information and to reserve a free Kindergarten Consultation, visit

Mystic Desert Kindergarten - 7102 W Ina Rd Tucson AZ

Mystic Desert Kindergarten - 7102 W Ina Rd, Tucson, AZ

Holistic, higher conscience micro-homeschooling for Kindergarten (Ages 5-7)! Additionally offering homeschool counseling support for parents, teacher training, and homeschool parent suppo... Read More »