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Natural Awakenings Tucson

December 2022 Letter From Publisher

Nov 30, 2022 09:00AM ● By Holly Baker
Holly Baker

Holly Baker

Happy December and Happy Holidays, Tucson!

This joyous time of year reminds us to celebrate what we have, pay it forward to others both near and far, and take some time off to check in with friends and family. It’s all about health and happiness—whether you are hosting loved ones for a holiday meal, showing up with the dessert or kicking back to enjoy some solitude and reflection at home.
For a healthier twist on all that tasty holiday food, read “Merry Brunching” on page 26. Try the included recipes to impress guests and create new holiday classics that are big on winter flavors, but lower in calories.
In “The Best Gift of All”, on page 28, learn what research has to say about the importance of teaching children the spirit of giving—especially in a time that can be so focused on getting. Often, giving gifts and acts of kindness to others brings much more joy and satisfaction, and cultivates lifelong kindness.
Enjoy this season of giving and gratitude with your loved ones—in whatever ways you choose to celebrate the season.