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The Integrative Amrit Method of Body Psychology

Holistic Mind Body Life Coaching with Dawn Marie Davis offers customized experiences to disrupt your cycles of stress, tension and pain. She recently immersed herself into “I AM Yoga Therapy Training, The Integrative Amrit Method of Body Psychology”. Working at a psychosomatic level, Yoga Body Psychology releases excess physical, mental and emotional tensions, creating an optimal environment for the body to tap into its natural ability to heal.
You will enjoy a total body stretch with the assistance of props and/or a wall and be guided to move in a slow, supportive way into areas that are normally tight and stiff. By holding the body in these positions for longer periods of time, combined with breathwork and meditative dialogue, tensions are released from the body and the mind. Yoga Therapy offers similar benefits as a yoga class, yet done in a more personal method so you can receive benefits more quickly in a way that is just right for you. If movement is difficult, there are options that don’t require any stretching.
Davis is a certified Yoga Therapist and Transformational Life Coach who has been studying and integrating holistic modalities since the late ‘90s. She has extensive knowledge in yoga, meditation, energy healing and breathwork. With her expertise in the field of holistic health and wellness, she has helped many individuals to shift their lives into a more balanced state of being. Her unique approach to life coaching combines ancient wisdom with modern science to help people create lasting transformation in their lives.

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Holistic Mind Body Life Coaching - NA Tucson AZ

Holistic Mind Body Life Coaching - NA, Tucson, AZ

Dawn Marie, Holistic Life Coach, integrates mind and body techniques to disrupt your patterns of stress, tension and pain. You can start feeling better right away and enjoy your life with... Read More »